Present Your Home With Style By Getting Unique Wall Clock Designs

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In an island nation like Sri Lanka, you will find everything to be pictorial and elegantly designed. The land meets another side of nature and the homes that you find will show you a distinct frame of various elements that correlate together. Hence, in every home or commercial building that you visit, you will definitely come across a unique wall clock that brings much life to the wall and displays it pleasingly. 

There are tons of different designs you can pick out from such as stylish, minimalistic, classic, and numerous others. Some of the special wall clocks are held in Sri Lanka as it has some sort of significance. These are provided below for you to get or just to have information about if you want to give a wall clock to someone. With all the various wall clock design, you will surely be left confused as to which one to get because all of them provide a sense of comfort and connection with the beautiful island. 

Get to Know Some Intricate Wall Clock Designs in Sri Lanka 

Everyone is on the hunt for something that is different and unique. Hence, with all the latest gift-giving ideas and embellishments, you can expect the best wall clock design in Sri Lanka. They have great importance in various kinds of wall clock designs that give a fresh and clean look while reminding you of the fantastic festivals and joyful moments. Hence, with such diversification, you can rely on these different types and designs of wall clocks too. 

Analog Wall Clock 

Analog wall clocks are the traditional faces of the clocks. These clocks have the arms of hours, minutes, and seconds as well. You will be able to find them in numerous shapes such as round, square, heart, flower, and much more. The craftsmanship of these clocks is up and beyond what we imagine. The numbers will also be different for analog wall clocks such as Roman numbers or simple markers. 

These will resemble the hour. The common element about analog wall clocks is that they either have plastic, wooden, glass, or metal frames. There is a large diversity of designs when it comes to these clocks. It gives you a great choice to choose from. Some of the analog wall clocks also come with various backgrounds as well. This can either resemble the island, Sri Lanka, or any other aesthetic setting. 

Digital Wall Clock 

Digital wall clocks are a modern twist in the world. These are quite different from the traditional analog wall clock as it is entirely different. This kind of wall clock displays the time using numerical digits. Hence, it does not have any kind of traditional clock hands that move along the hours listed. The working of digital wall clocks is also extraordinary. Some of the digital wall clocks that you come across will have the date listed as well. 

These clocks feature LED or LCD displays which are crystal clear to see and easy to read compared to any analog wall clock. They have different elements included such as temperature display, alarm functions, and backlighting which is mainly used for nighttime to help you see through the dark. Hence, these clocks have come a long way in serving numerous elements at once. This is what makes digital wall clocks stand out from the rest and be loved by anyone. 

Antique or Vintage Inspired Clocks 

If you are someone who loves to have an old vintage theme then this type of wall clock is made just for you. It provides a nostalgic moment for you to display in your home without worry. It has an old-world charm that everyone loves. Hence, these wall clocks offer an ornate frame that has different kinds of finishes. These help to ensure a great vintage or antique feel. 

The shape of these wall clocks also provides a sense of elegance and adds more character to the whole theme. You will easily be able to get an antique or vintage-inspired wall clock in Sri Lanka easily. 

Minimalistic Wall Clocks 

A minimalistic wall clock allows a person to outshine the rest by fitting in with what they are looking for. Hence, this kind of wall clock presents a simple design with clean lines which adds a great modern touch to it. It is a perfect decoration piece and a wall clock to fill up for wall. These types of clocks feature a sleek and pleasing pattern that links with no numerical at all. 

Therefore, you will not be seeing many minimalistic wall clocks that have numbers. Instead, they will have a monochromatic color with different muted tones or pastel colors to provide a sense of calmness and tranquility. 

Novelty Wall Clocks 

This might be a new version of a clock that you will hear about but it provides a great essence to your wall. The novelty wall clock comes with a whimsical touch and has the main aim of displaying colorful and vibrant designs. It has unconventional motifs that help to fit a fun-loving personality. 

These clocks come in numerous different forms such as animals, food items, vehicles, and other abstract shapes. All of these help present a dash of personality so that they stand out from the rest of the clocks that you see in the market and in your home as well. These clocks are a great and popular choice to place in children’s bedrooms, gaming rooms, or any other abstract room that you have. 

The Different Prices of Wall Clock in Sri Lanka 

The wall clock prices that are set are different from each other. There are tons of different factors that determine the wall clock price in Sri Lanka. However, a wall clock is something that everyone needs, which is why you will find them in affordable ranges. There can be a twist in the prices depending on the designer that is available and the design. Take a look at the different kinds of price range of the range of wall clocks. 

Basic Analog Wall Clocks

  • Plastic or wooden frames: LKR 500 - LKR 2,000
  • Larger or decorative designs: LKR 1,500 - LKR 5,000
  • Antique or vintage-inspired clocks: LKR 2,000 - LKR 10,000+

Digital Wall Clocks

  • Basic LED or LCD displays: LKR 1,000 - LKR 3,000
  • Digital clocks with additional features: LKR 2,000 - LKR 6,000
  • Designer digital clocks or smart clocks: LKR 5,000 - LKR 20,000+

Specialty or Designer Wall Clocks

  • Handcrafted or artisanal designs: LKR 3,000 - LKR 10,000+
  • Designer clocks from premium brands: LKR 10,000 - LKR 50,000+
  • Limited-edition or collectible clocks: LKR 20,000 - LKR 100,000+

Novelty Wall Clocks

  • Basic novelty designs: LKR 500 - LKR 2,000
  • Intricate or custom-made novelty clocks: LKR 2,000 - LKR 5,000
  • Licensed or branded novelty clocks: LKR 1,000 - LKR 10,000+


Wall clocks in Sri Lanka are more than just timekeeping devices as they help mend different expressions and personal styles. With the right kind of wall clock, you can always get your ideal room and fill up your wall easily. If you are looking for the right kind of wall clock then The Mugshot is here to help. We have all kinds of amazing wall clock styles waiting for you as well as various frames and a great collection of notebooks


How many styles of wall clocks are there?

There are tons of different wall clocks that you can choose such as digital, analog, vintage, minimalist, and much more. 

Are wall clocks available in one standard size?

No, there are different sizes of wall clocks to fit your needs. 

Does the shape of the wall clock determine the price?

Yes, the design of the wall clocks is a factor in setting the price.