Explore The Endless Spectrum of Water Bottle Price in Sri Lanka With Its Types

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It is highly important to pay attention to the different weather conditions that are set in Sri Lanka. While summer is the season that stays the longest all year round and is the harshest, being hydrated is vital. This is where the water bottle price in Sri Lanka kicks in. The harsh conditions during summers in Sri Lanka have surely set some records for the highest temperatures and heat strokes. 

Hence, having a water bottle at hand no matter where you travel in Sri Lanka is crucial. There are different kinds of water bottles that you can get. Choosing the right one is essential because it will help you stay hydrated for the long term. It depends on a lot of factors. 

Therefore, there are numerous designs, types, insulation, and other types of water bottle Sri Lanka that you can purchase. Some of the options are given below as well as their specifications. This is so that you can pick and choose a water bottle that fits you the best and the activity that you carry out. 

The Different Types of Water Bottles and Water Bottle Price in Sri Lanka 

There are plenty of various water bottles that are manufactured not only in Sri Lanka but in every corner of the world. Therefore, keeping a water bottle that is right by your side is necessary, especially during high-heat days. Hence, we have listed some great options of different water bottles available as well as water bottle prices in Sri Lanka for your convenience. 

  1. Stainless steel water bottles  

They are aesthetic but most importantly they are durable and sleek. You will be able to find them in different bottle design as well. They range from minimal patterns to vibrant ones as well. Some of the stainless steel water bottles have double wall insulation as well and this helps to keep water or other liquids cool for longer periods. 

The price of a stainless steel water bottle price in Sri Lanka ranges from LKR 1000 to LKR 5000. This mainly depends on the brand that you purchase the water bottle from as well as any other special features. This can either be the insulation or any special coatings. 

  1. Plastic water bottles 

Plastic water bottles are a common product that is sold in Sri Lanka and almost everyone owns one as well. You will be able to get them in tons of different shapes, sizes, colors, and designs. Some features of plastic water bottles include flip-open lids, built-in straws, and much more. 

These water bottles are lightweight and versatile which makes them less costly. The water bottle price in Sri Lanka for plastic bottles ranges from LKR 200 to LKR 1000. 

  1. Glass water bottles 

If you are looking for a stylish and different appeal then the glass water bottle is right up your alley. This water bottle is sleek and also delicate but offers a luxurious look at all times. Moreover, they are best as they are eco-friendly and are non-toxic as well as BPA-free. 

Most of the glass water bottle price in Sri Lanka are also free from any kind of smell and flavors which provides a fresh drinking experience. They have a silicone sleeve for protection as well as to have a nice grip. The price range is between LKR 1500 to LKR 3500. 

  1. Copper water bottles 

Copper water bottles are a new introduction within the market. They are the best because of the numerous health benefits. They have embossed designs mostly which helps to add an elegant outlook on these water bottles. 

The price point for copper water bottles ranges from LKR 3000 to LKR 7000. These water bottles are higher in price because of their benefits and other factors as well such as the size and purity of the copper. 

  1. Collapsible water bottles 

There are all kinds of different water bottles that you will get to see in the market. One of those is collapsible water bottles which are the best solution for someone who wants a compact size. They save up space and are perfect for traveling whether it is an adventure or other daily commute. You can easily roll up these bottles when they are empty. 

There are other features involved with the collapsible water bottle such as carabiner clips. This can easily be hooked onto belt loops or other things. The price is between LKR 500 to LKR 2000. 

  1. Insulated water bottles 

If you want to have cold water at all times or any other beverage at any temperature that you like, insulated water bottles are the way to go. They are manufactured to keep the liquid hot or cold for longer periods of time. They have double-wall vacuum insulation inside and leakproof lids as well. 

The price of these water bottles is high compared to the rest because of the insulation and other features involved. The price range of insulated water bottles ranges from LKR 2000 to LKR 6000. 

  1. Sports water bottles

These water bottles are fitted for people who are into sports and also fitness enthusiasts. Sports water bottles come in different shapes and often are squeezable bottles with spill-proof lids. They have other elements as well such as measurement markers, carrying loops, and removable strainers to make shakes. 

The price of a sports water bottle ranges from LKR 300 to LKR 1500. The price depends on the capacity of the water bottle. 

The Various Tumblers and Bottles 

There are different tumblers and bottles that you can grab. Some of them are listed below. 

The classic tumbler 

  • Has a cylindrical shape with a tapered profile. 
  • Screw-on lid available with a flip-open or slide-open mechanism 
  • Comes in stainless steel or plastic material with different options of insulation. 

Double walled tumbler 

  • Double-walled tumblers feature an inner and outer layer which is usually separated by a vacuum or insulation coat. 
  • It often comes in glass or stainless steel construction and has other features embedded such as insulation and copper lining. 

Travel tumbler 

  • These are designed for on-the-go use. 
  • They have leakproof lids with spill-resistant designs. 
  • Comes with special features such as carabiner clips, carrying handles, and suction bases for convenience during travel times. 
  • Sometimes they have insulation properties.

Slim tumbler 

  • Slim tumblers have a sleek profile which makes them easier to hold and fit into different cup holders. 
  • They are lightweight and portable. 
  • They are manufactured using stainless steel, plastic as well as glass. 
  • Offer insulation options. 

Tumbler with straw 

  • Features a built-in straw that is removable. 
  • Convenient for drinking. 
  • Easy mechanism for liquids with a lid with a hole for a straw. 
  • Comes in varying sizes, designs, straw lengths, materials, and placement. 

Whether you prefer a classic tumbler for everyday use or a specialty tumbler for specific hydration needs, there is a design to suit every lifestyle and preference.

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What is the normal water bottle price in Sri Lanka?

There are different price points for varying water bottles. The overall range starts from LKR 500 and can move up to LKR 7000. 

Are there different kinds of water bottles available in Sri Lanka?

Yes, you will be able to find tons of different water bottles including insulated ones, copper, sports water bottles, and much more. 

Which bottle should I choose for traveling?

The best water bottle for traveling is a collapsible water bottle as it helps save space.