Capture Memorable Moments Using Unique Photo Frames in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka is a beautiful island that is filled with rich culture and amazing landscapes which allows you to capture unique moments with loved ones. With all of the wonderful sights, it is impossible to preserve these memories, and what better way to do so than with the best photo frame? Using a photo frame is one of the best ways to store your memories and also to place them within your home. 

If you are looking for the right kind of photo frames in Sri Lanka then don’t worry as you will be able to pass by numerous that fit your needs and personalized choices. Hence, in this article, you will be able to learn about all the different kinds of photo frames that are available in Sri Lanka so that choosing is easier for you. We have also listed down the different prices of each photo frame so that you are aware of the price point and can choose accordingly. 

Varying Photo Frame Designs 

A photo frame design should be unique. Everyone looks for a frame that helps to match the memory as well so that it can look aesthetic and also provide a great overall picture to anyone else who sees it. It is surely a work of art that numerous people appreciate. As diverse as Sri Lanka is, the photo frames come in endless design options that reflect the craftsmanship of the company as well as dedication. Hence, some of the most popular options for photo frames are given below. 

Wooden Frames 

Wooden frames are popular due to the warmth and elegance they give out. They provide a timeless choice for a ton of different photographs which adds to your memory. In Sri Lanka, these wooden frames are made from local wood such as teak, rosewood, or mahogany. The craftsmanship is also seen at its peak because of its wonderful designs. There are tons of different embellishments as well that are carved into the wooden frame. Moreover, people use this photo frame as a traditional motif. 

Metal frames 

Metal frames offer a modern and aesthetic look. It gives a sleek look and it is the best fit for various contemporary interiors. Moreover, these also work best for photos that are achievements or any other of this sort. The metal material used is aluminum, brass as well as stainless steel. They provide fresh clean lines and you can also find them in numerous geometric shapes for a more unique and sophisticated look. It helps to create a minimalistic profile. 

Acrylic frames 

This photo frame design in Sri Lanka is also commonly used as it is durable and lightweight at the same time. They are an alternative to the traditional wood frame that you see. Moreover, you can get them easily in different designs such as transparent acrylic frames. These offer a modern and minimalistic twist to it allowing the attention to the photograph that you want to add in the frame. This photo frame comes in various finishes, thicknesses as well as colors. It allows for personalized and custom options. 

Collage frames 

Collage frames are great for keeping family photos or pictures with friends. It comes with a cohesive arrangement and allows you to display multiple photos within one photo frame. Hence, if you are going on a trip or have a special moment, all of those pictures can easily be adjusted into one without a hassle. In Sri Lanka, you will be able to find them in different grid layouts which will give you more choice. You can choose asymmetrical designs and other themed arrangements according to your preference. 

Shadow box frames 

Shadow box frames might be a new sound to you. A show box frame helps to add depth and dimension to the photograph that you want to add. This creates a captivating visual effect when anyone sees the frame with the picture in it. These frames have a deeper profile and have some space provided to accommodate any three-dimensional objects. You can also store mementos with pictures within this frame. It is a popular choice to display special achievements or anything that you want to keep safe or showcase as a memory. 

Get to Know the Different Prices of Photo Frames in Sri Lanka 

The photo frame price in Sri Lanka varies according to different aspects. These can be the design, material used, size, personalization, craftsmanship, brand, and the type of photo frame you are going for. The basic ones are affordable for a lot of people. However, if you are looking to go for a custom photo frame then it might lead to being expensive because of the added details you want. Hence, here is a general overview of the photo frame prices in Sri Lanka so that you get a better outlook. 

Wooden Frames

  • Basic wooden frames: LKR 500 - LKR 2,000
  • Ornate or carved wooden frames: LKR 1,500 - LKR 5,000
  • Custom-made wooden frames: LKR 3,000 - LKR 10,000+

Metal Frames

  • Aluminum or stainless steel frames: LKR 300 - LKR 1,500
  • Brass or decorative metal frames: LKR 1,000 - LKR 5,000
  • Custom-made metal frames: LKR 2,000 - LKR 8,000+

Acrylic Frames

  • Basic acrylic frames: LKR 200 - LKR 1,000
  • Colored or textured acrylic frames: LKR 500 - LKR 2,500
  • Large or custom-sized acrylic frames: LKR 1,000 - LKR 5,000+

Collage Frames

  • Basic collage frames: LKR 500 - LKR 2,000
  • Multi-photo or themed collage frames: LKR 1,000 - LKR 4,000
  • Custom-designed collage frames: LKR 2,000 - LKR 8,000+

Shadow Box Frames

  • Small shadow box frames: LKR 1,000 - LKR 3,000
  • Large or custom-sized shadow box frames: LKR 2,000 - LKR 6,000
  • Shadow box frames with specialized features or finishes: LKR 3,000 - LKR 10,000+

The Significance of Photo Frames in Sri Lanka 

Photo frames are not just holders for photographs but they help to add more themes into the image to connect with the memory you want to store. Hence, though it is a decorative item that is seen in most households, it should be noted that it takes up a special place in hearts as well. You can store numerous memories such as weddings, graduations, festivals, and other cultural events held in Sri Lanka. Hence, it holds great importance to people as they look for different ways to appreciate the memories they made with their loved ones. 

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Can I get a photo frame in my custom size?

Yes, there are plenty of various sizes you can choose from according to the photo that you want to add. 

What are the types of photo frames?

There are various photo frames you can get such as wooden, metal, acrylic, and custom ones as well. 

Are photo frames expensive in Sri Lanka?

All the photo frames range in price according to the design and material that you choose.