Unravel the Various Surprises of Sri Lanka T Shirt with its Prices

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T-shirts are one of the most common clothing items that one can find and wear. It is available globally and now comes in various designs, textures, materials, tones, and a lot more. Hence, there is a great diversity of Sri Lanka T shirt which is what makes it fascinating and ideal to get. Whether you are looking for casual wear, want to attain a custom fancy design, promotional purposes, or any other, there are plenty to choose from. 

Therefore, to help you understand and gain rightful knowledge about the different Sri Lanka t shirt and their prices, we have presented you with this guide. You will be able to know everything you desire about T shirts in Sri Lanka and where you can get the best ones. T shirts are a great canvas piece that helps you magnify what you like through personalisation.

The Varying Prices of Sri Lanka T Shirt 

There is a ton of debate that goes around setting the right t shirt price in Sri Lanka. This gives numerous companies the benefit of charging higher prices for simple shirts. However, as t shirts are worn on a day-to-day basis by many, you will come to see the prices drop for some brands. The way the prices of Sri Lanka t shirt are categorised is by looking at the design, material, texture, and much more. The brand also counts as a big source. Hence, some of the prices are given below for specific types of Sri Lanka t shirt so that you have a better idea. 

Basic T shirts 

Most of the basic T shirts are made using cotton. If not, cotton is blended with other materials. This is done so that it gives a range of various colours. You will be able to find basic t shirts in the local markets of Sri Lanka with ease. Some small shops and retain chains will also have these shirts. They are commonly worn as cotton is the number one go-to material to wear. Hence, these shirts are usually marked around LKR 300 to LKR 800. This depends if it's pure cotton or not as well as the quality of the brand. 

Mid-range T shirts 

There are different t shirts that come under the mid-range category. This sector offers better quality and also more fabric materials as well which widens the options. Moreover, you will be able to get these t shirts in a range of various designs as well. These shirts will appear more on the branded side whether it is local manufacturing or international. The prices of these shirts range from LKR 800 to LKR 2000. 

Premium T shirts 

Guessing by the name, these shirts are made using high-quality materials. They have superior craftsmanship as well and often people can get them from international brands. There are special stores in Sri Lanka such as unique boutiques that provide great quality t shirts which are international. A premium shirt in Sri Lanka will cost a customer around LKR 2000. The prices will vary and it might increase as well according to the brand and type of t shirt. 

The Various Factors for Prices of T shirts in Sri Lanka 

There are tons of different factors that are included to set the price of T shirts in Sri Lanka. These factors are present in all kinds of apparel and are crucial to consider. Hence, getting to know the different factors that affect the t shirt price in Sri Lanka is important. It will guide you in knowing what is adding up to a higher or lower cost so that you can choose effectively. 

Fabric Quality 

One of the most common factors that suggest the price of a t shirt in Sri Lanka is the quality. If the quality is high then the price will be high as well. The type and quality of fabric that is used signifies the price and impacts it as well. You can get to know about the quality of a t shirt by touching and feeling it. You can also see the tag or ask a sales representative about the fabric that is used to be sure. 


If you are going to buy a t shirt in Sri Lanka from an established brand then you will get to see higher prices. Designer items usually sell at a higher-than-usual price to customers and it is common to see as such. A national brand will not cost as much as an international brand would. Hence, ensure that you are heading to the right brand to get t shirts in the right price range. 

Design and Printing 

Having a luxurious design of a t shirt will increase the overall price of the shirt. This is because there are more intricate designs and effort of craftsmanship that went into creating that t shirt. Moreover, various patterns, logos as well as printing can increase the prices. Some people like to opt for t shirt printing in Sri Lanka which is customisable. Hence, if you are looking to customise your t shirt through t shirt printing then that will cost you more than usual.  

The Market Demand 

The demand of the market is another factor in determining the cost of t shirts in Sri Lanka. If the market is saturated then some prices will be normal and others will range in a cheaper zone. However, if the market is set for niche areas then the price of those t shirts will range higher. The supply and demand law works when it comes to market demand for the effect on pricing. This can be seen majorly for limited editions or any popular trendy styles that might be selling the most. 

T Shirt Printing in Sri Lanka 

T Shirt printing in Sri Lanka counters to both corporate sectors as well as individuals. It helps to get your taste and desire printed on your T shirt which makes it personalised. Hence, if you have complex designs or want lavish elements then going for t shirt printing will be a good choice. There are some options that you can choose from. The list includes:

Screen Printing

This traditional method is cost-effective for bulk orders and produces vibrant colours but is limited in design complexity.

Digital Printing

Ideal for detailed designs and photo prints, digital printing allows for full-colour customization without additional setup costs.

Sublimation Printing

Best suited for polyester fabrics, sublimation printing results in durable, high-quality prints with unlimited colour options.

Heat Transfer Printing

Using heat and pressure, this method transfers designs onto t-shirts, offering versatility in design and colour.


With all the various apparel that you can get, T shirts are the best because of their diversity as well as high usage. Personalising them takes t shirts to a different dimension because of the endless options available. Hence, if you are someone who is looking for t shirt printing near me then The Mugshot LK is here for you. We have all kinds of different printing options for T shirts as well as mugs and photo frames


Will personalisation increase the price of t shirts in Sri Lanka?

Yes, if you are going to choose to custom-design your t shirts then it will have an increased price depending on the design and type of print you choose. 

Can I print t shirts in bulk?

Yes, you can customise t shirts in bulk quantity. 

Can I print intricate designs on T shirts?

You can print out any kind of design that you desire on t shirts.