Colored Vinyl Mugs

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Dark Blue - Name with heart
Rs 1,600.00
Customized mug printing in Sri lanka, done the way you want!Get this black bowl mug done with a name of your choice.Mugs cannot be used in microwave or dishwasher. Hand...
Couple mugs - Hubster & Wifey
Rs 3,200.00Rs 3,000.00
Wifey and Hubster mugs done in a black curve mug with gold sticker Vinyl (NOT PRINTED). Can be customized with names or date on the other side. Mugs cannot be...
Gold foiled hubster mug
Rs 1,600.00
Get this mug customized with the year of your choosing! A name can be added on the other side too.  Mugs cannot be used in microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash...
Dark Blue -Decade in love - Couple mugs
Rs 3,200.00Rs 3,000.00
Makeing personalized gifting in Sri Lanka easier. Customized mug printing in Sri lanka, done the way you want. Celebrate your milestone of being in love with your special one with...

The Charm Of Color Mug Printing

Are you ready to brighten your cup collection? Let’s explore the charm of color mug printing. A dash of color not only boosts your mood but also kick-starts your day with positivity. Mugshot knows the richness color mug printing brings to life.

Why Choose Our Color Mugs?

Our color mugs stand out in any setting. Whether for home or office, they add a personal touch that everyone loves. They're perfect for livening up your morning coffee or tea routine. Moreover, they can reflect your personality or brand, making every sip a statement.

Colored Vinyl Mugs From Mugshot- a Pleasant Effect

Our vinyl mugs, a subset of color mugs, bring durability and style together. Their vinyl coatings allow for vibrant, long-lasting designs that won't fade away. Ideal for daily use, these mugs offer both aesthetics and functionality. They resist wear and tear, maintaining their glossy finish through countless washes.

Benefits of Using Our Color Vinyl Mugs

Firstly, these mugs make every sip a visual delight. Secondly, they're robust. Their sturdy handles daily wear and tear gracefully. Lastly, they’re customizable. This means endless design possibilities! From personal gifts to business promotions, these mugs serve multiple purposes.
Imagine turning your plain mugs into colorful canvases. With vinyl mugs, you can. Apply any design, from logos to catchy slogans or intricate patterns.

How to Care for Your Color and Vinyl Mugs

Taking care of these mugs is very easy. Always use gentle cleaners to keep the colors bright and vibrant. Proper care ensures your mugs look new for years to come.

Get Your Custom Color Mugs from Mugshot

Mugshot is your premier destination for high-quality color mug printing. With state-of-the-art equipment, Mugshot guarantees that every mug is a work of art.

Explore Your Options

At Mugshot, the choices are limitless. Whether you favor understated sophistication or vibrant prints, Mugshot offers options to cater to all tastes.

Place Your Order

Ready to order? Visit Mugshot’s website. Their user-friendly platform makes designing and ordering your custom mugs simple and fun. With just a few clicks, you can see your design come to life.

Color mug printing is more than just a trend; it’s a way to express yourself and enhance your drinking experience. Check out Mugshot today and start creating your unique mug collection!

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